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Telegram introduces profile videos, 2GB file sharing, mini thumbnails and other new features

telegram has brought in a host of new features with its latest update that can come in handy for users.
  • Telegram has brought in 2GB file sharing, mini thumbnails, and filtered contact list to its update.
  • It will now let users set profile videos and has enhanced its video editor.
  • It has also brought in features like improved people nearby and group stats.
  • Telegram Messenger, or simply Telegram, has brought in a set of new useful features with its update to enhance user experience. The cloud-based messaging app has brought in features like profile videos and 2GB file-sharing capabilities at the time when remote work has become indispensable for people.

    Telegram, which became the 8th most downloaded app in the second quarter of 2020, will also let users set multiple accounts on Telegram Desktop. It has also brought in an enhanced Photo & Video editor, improved People Nearby, Mini-Thumbnails, Group Stats, and New Animated Emoji. Let’s have a look at these features in detail.

    2GB File Sharing: One of the ten updates that Telegram has brought in is the 2GB file sharing. Since 2014, Telegram users could file up to 1.5 GB each. With the new update, users can send unlimited numbers of media and files of any kind up to 2 GB each.

    Profile videos: For extensive users of Telegram, this is an exciting feature as users can set videos as their profile display. They can choose any static frame as a profile picture in their chats. They can also edit their videos by using the soften skin on photo and video editor.

    Through this enhancement in the photo and video editor, users can apply the soften skin option in the media editor to photos or videos taken with the front-facing camera. Android users can also crop and rotate videos in the editor.

    Multiple Accounts on Telegram Desktop: Telegram will now allow users to sign in from multiple accounts through its desktop version. This doesn’t require an active connection to the user’s phone. The feature was available to mobile users since 2017 where they could sign in on 3 accounts from different phone numbers without logging out. The update is an extension to the mobile feature.

  • Filtered contact list: Users can filter messages from people in their contact list and new messages from the numbers they have not saved in contacts to de-clutter the message list and to prioritise messages.

    Mini-thumbnails: Users will now be able to feature if an incoming message is an important picture through mini thumbnails on Telegram.

    Improved People Nearby: Users could see the exact location of people they chat with through the feature called People Nearby. With the new update, Telegram has improved the People Nearby feature. Users can avail of this feature from privacy and security settings and see the exact location of people they talk to given their location is enabled.

    Group stats: Users with large groups on Telegram can use the revamped group stats feature. For users who are admins or creators of groups, this tool can come in handy as it will show graphs about a group’s activity and growth. It will also inform users about members who joined or left at a given timeframe, source of new members joined, languages used, content format used to days and hours, and top members and admins.

    For Android users, the music player has been redesigned with new icons with an expandable track list. Users can tap the button on the left to control looping, shuffling and to reverse the track order. Telegram has also brought in a new set of animated emojis for its users.

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