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Prabhas gets 50 crore! Deepika gets 20 crore!

Deepika apparently asks for a pay cheque on par with the film’s leading man.

It was not easy getting Deepika Padukone on board for the new Prabhas movie, to be produced by Priyanka Dutta.

So they made Deepika an offer she couldn’t resist.

Deepika apparently asks for remuneration on par with the film’s leading. She feels she has earned herself a place of gender equality in her profession, a source informs Subhash K Jha.

Though she couldn’t be given a fee to equal Prabhas (he is being paid close to gulp! Rs 50 crore/Rs 500 million), Deepika is reportedly paid close to Rs 20 crore which makes her the highest paid actress in the history of Indian cinema.

Interestingly, the role of the female lead in the Prabhas starrer was not “all that substantial”, but now, it is being modified according to Deepika’s star status and remuneration.

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